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About us

T-Store is where fast fashion meets sustainability!

T-Store is a homegrown direct-to-customer apparel brand that focuses on offering a diverse range of designs and patterns that are accessible to all. Made using sustainable yarns and fabrics, all our products offer great comfort, styling, and quality – products that not only look good, but also feel good! Proudly made in India, we tirelessly work to produce and curate exceptional clothing for the new generation’s dynamic and diverse day-to-day. We are constantly thinking of how to evolve and design better: functional vogue for the future, as we like to say!

What we wear speaks volumes of us they say. But what if what you wore actually spoke what your mood was! Haven’t we all wondered where we could get those quirky t-shirts and sport them with confidence? Sure, otherwise getting them made or even buying them from otherwise expensive online shopping sites for clothes may cost you substantially but with T-store.in, you will understand that you do not have to spend a fortune on online fashion to look great. Our aim is to offer the best products to our customers which complement their innate sense of style and helps them to express themselves better through fashion and design.

With the increased simplicity and ease of online payment services along with accessibility to the internet; our goal remains to offer a hassle-free fair-time service for all our customers.

Now that you’ve come this far to get to know us better, we believe you are already an esteemed customer or on the journey to become one, we hope you like our products and continue to support us on this journey. We are immensely grateful to you – A BIG JAADU KI JHAPPI FOR YOU!!